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Gas Oil (Red Diesel / Tractor Diesel)

Gas Oil, also known as red diesel is a low duty form of diesel. It is primarily used in off-road vehicles that
cater to industrial, commercial, agricultural and construction trades.

Powering anything from JCB’s and tractors to cranes and generators – this fuel is minimally
taxed, as it cannot be used as automotive fuel in normal road vehicles.

Prime Heat 35

Prime Heat 35 is a commercial heating oil (used in heating applications and commercial boilers).

Created to be a ‘cleaner burn’ – Prime Heat 35 is competitively priced, reduces your carbon
emissions and improves boiler efficiency.

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel

Making up the majority of road diesel available throughout Europe – Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel is
a more eco-friendly fuel with significantly reduced or minimal sulphur levels.

ULSD’s lower sulphur content does not lower its performance however, boasting lower
CO2 emissions and pollution output while offering faster engine starts and better MPG.

Kerosene (Home Heating Oil)

Used for domestic heating and some industrial processes – Kerosene is an economical heating oil.

Also known as heating oil and paraffin – Kerosene is known for its high heat output. Oil has
also been the cheapest off grid energy option since July 2014.

Today, it is the most popular home heating oil in the UK.

Standard Fuel Oils offer a same day or next day Kerosene delivery service.
Simply call 0151 548 3038 and we’ll arrange a delivery as soon as possible.

Marine Gas Oil

Our MARPOL and SOLAS compliance ensures all grades we supply exceed the
current industry legislation. For clarity on product specification, it is recommended
that you contact our Marine team directly who will be more than happy to assist.

Unleaded Petrol

Unleaded petrol is suitable for all petrol engined vehicles,
including cars, vans and motorcycles.

All petrol since 2004 is Ultra Low Sulphur Petrol – significantly reducing
emissions of sulphur and nitrogen oxides and particulates.

Need oil now? We’ve got you covered.

We offer Emergency Fuel Deliveries. Call us on 0151 548 3038 and we’ll do our
best to deliver the same day, anywhere in the North West.