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Oil Sample Analysis

Reduce downtime, increase efficiency & SAVE MONEY!

Oil sample analysis and oil condition monitoring is not a new way to prevent downtime and increase efficiency. By taking regular samples of oil from your equipment we can monitor and trend the rising levels of wear and tear, depleting levels of additives and the overall condition of the lubricant. Lubricants play a vital part in the smooth running of any operation, they cool, reduce friction and protect the internals of any piece of equipment. Once the additives start to deplete the equipment runs hot, the friction is increased and damage starts to be caused within the machinery; as you can’t see inside your machinery, Oil Condition Monitoring is a non-destructive, well documented, reliable and cost effective way of maintaining uptime and preventing catastrophic failures.

We offer oil sample analysis kits for all types of Oils, Adblue, Antifreeze and Fuels which are then tested by Synlab – The leading independent laboratory.

We offer oil sample analysis kits for all types of Oils, Adblue, Antifreeze and Fuels which are then tested by Synlab – The leading independent laboratory. 

Lubetrend is an exceptionally powerful tool for you to use to access your results, trend data and control your entire proactive maintenance programme with a few simple mouse clicks.

  • Full on-line & Mobile App access to data & trending, with sample registration available
  • Compare system performance across all your assets
  • Gather data by make, model, oil brand & grade, site reference & any other field recorded
  • Multiple download options available for onward reporting flexibility

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Quality through experience

We have carefully selected our lubricant brands to provide our customers with the best possible choice of lubricants that reflect superior quality, excellent value for money and cover each and every industry.

Along with stocking some of the worlds largest brands, we are proud authorised stockists for Millers Oils and share their passion for excellent customer service and being the best that we can be.

Millers Oils is a leading independent blender of oils and lubricants, operating since 1887 in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. We pride ourselves on our award-winning innovation and our independence which allows maximum flexibility to meet our customers’ needs.

Millers Oils supplies over 5,000 distributors and end users in the UK, and has a network of 50 international distributors globally, covering Europe, North and South America and Asia Pacific.

Millers Oils provides premium high quality oils supplying the Industrial, Automotive, Commercial vehicle, Motorsport, Classic and Agricultural sectors, developed on site by our excellent R&D centre and technical lab team.

Site Surveys

Expert advice

With over 30 years’ experience, our expert staff are on hand to give you as much guidance and direction as possible when it comes to fuels and lubricants. 

A simple site visit from one of our experts can rationalise your oil usage, ensure you’re using the right oils, document the types of oils and pack sizes being used but also forecast your usage to help with stock levels and future budgets. A simple document is produced to list all your equipment with the correct oils that should be used– this can even include oil drain intervals to help you with your servicing schedule.

Managing a busy multi-application site can be time consuming work and often the wrong oils can be used. At Standard Fuel Oils we offer a colour coded solution to make sure the right oil is being used in the right equipment, preventing expensive downtime, wasted oils and costly time spend flushing the systems and replacing filters.

Working directly with your machinery manufacturer and leading lubricant manufacturers, we’ll ensure you’ve got the right product for the job.

Call us on 0151 548 3038 to discuss your installation, arrange a site survey and receive a tailored quote.