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Sonic SignalMan

The Sensor Sonic Signalman unit is revolutionary in the way we top-up our Oil Tanks. No more running out. No more loss of Heating. And no more losing your AGARayburn or Hot Water. Standard Fuel Oils work closely with Kingspan Environmental to make sure you don’t run out of Oil.

For our Domestic customers we charge just £15 per month for this service.

So what does it entail? If you decide to choose the Auto-Top-Up-Scheme, we will send one of Kingspans Engineers to your property to install the device. The device screws into the top of your Heating Oil Tank.

  • If you have a Plastic Tank (normally Dark Green in colour) the device can normally screw right in & that is all that needs to be done.
  • If you have a Steel Tank the Engineer will attach the device to the top of the tank manually.

On a daily basis we will receive a live level of the Fuel in your tank. Not only does this ensure you never run-out as we always keep you topped-up, it will also advise us of any sudden drops in Oil level or irregular  quantities. This means we can advise you on the day to go & check your tank whether it be due to a possible theft or a leak.

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