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benefits of using LPG gas

The Benefits of using LPG gas

LPG gas stands for liquefied petroleum gas. It is sometimes referred to as propane or butane and is a flammable mixture of gases which is used to power heating appliances, cooking equipment and vehicles. The popularity of LPG gas is increasing every day and is becoming the number one alternative to natural gas, due to the many benefits it carries – such as cleaner burning, versatility and convenience.

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Cleaner burning

LPG gas is cleaner burning that most other fuels, as it doesn’t contain sulphur  – this means that it produces much less harmful emissions, like carbon dioxide, which can contribute to the ever-growing effects of global warming and climate change, and nitrogen oxide, which can cause acid rain. This means that LPG gas is much kinder to the environment than conventional fossil fuels. In the event of any spillage or leaks, LPG gas will not contaminate any surrounding materials due to its relatively low evaporating point. The LPG gas will simply evaporate as soon as it is exposed to outside temperatures, so ground or water contamination does not occur.



The storage of LPG gas is very convenient – it can be stored underground and out of sight, so it doesn’t make your home or business look cluttered. LPG boilers also take up less space than other heating boilers and require less regular maintenance. Also, LPG gas does not carry with it any unpleasant smells.


LPG gas is flexible, so it can be used for all sorts of things, from heating to vehicles. Due to its high flammability, it provides instant heat, and so provides the perfect alternative to mains gas – and, if you already have a boiler for mains gas, there is no need to get a replacement. There are simply some adjustments that will need to be made.



Due to its different properties, LPG gas can be used for both domestic and commercial properties, for all different purposes, such as heating or to power equipment. It can be used indoors and outdoors, and so caters to pretty much any requirements.


LPG gas is cheap to install, and customers do not need to buy a tank, so can save a lot of money both short-term and long-term. Compared to other heating fuels, LPG gas is cheaper due to it’s higher heating value, so offers the same quality of heating at a lower price.

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