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Kerosene Cheshire

If you require Kerosene Cheshire, then look no further

If you require Kerosene Cheshire, then look no further than Standard Fuel Oils. We are the leading suppliers of Domestic Oil, Marine Oil, Industrial Oil and Agricultural Oil in the North West.

Here we are looking at Kerosene, its uses and benefits and supply or Kerosene Cheshire.

So what is Kerosene? Kerosene has uses both as a domestic oil and industrial oil. Kerosene can also be known as lamp oil or paraffin. Kerosene Cheshire is a highly combustible oil and can be in the form of paraffin oil known as liquid paraffin or a waxy solid extracted from petroleum which is known as paraffin wax.

Kerosene Cheshire is mostly produced by the distillation of petroleum at temperatures reaching 275 degrees to break down the petroleum. During the separation and distillation process the Kerosene is collected. Previously Kerosene was produced from coal, wood and oil shale.

Kerosene was previously before electricity was introduced the main source of heating and lighting the world. Kerosene Cheshire is a safe oil to use for heating homes as it is a clean burner and omits low carbon monoxide risk and it is also not able to explode which is why it is a preferred source of domestic fuel.  It is also extremely efficient and the cost is at a low at present meaning that many homes still choose to use this form of fuel.

What is kerosene used for?

There are many uses of Kerosene Cheshire one of which is to power aircrafts or jet engines and also some rocket engines. In domestic situations Kerosene is used for a cooking or lighting fuel and heating oil. There are two classes in the UK Class C1 BS2869 and Class C2 BS 2869.

The lightest one of the two is Class C1 which is often used in domestic situations such as camping stoves, lanterns, wick heaters and more.

The Class C2 is a heavier oil used as domestic heating oil and can be provided in 5 or 20 litres. This Kerosene Cheshire is usually dyed purple. If Kerosene is supplied as standard it is supplied undyed in tankers is much larger quantities.

kerosene cheshire

There are as you can see many uses of Kerosene and if you have a use for Kerosene Cheshire and would like to discuss your requirements with a reliable provider then call us today on 0151 548 3038. We can offer supplies of Kerosene Cheshire for larger industrial orders or direct to domestic customers. Find out more about our other services here.