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Fuel Card Service

Get your Fuel card At Standard.  We can offer a Fuel Bunkering Service through a Local Fuel Card. Our Site has been used as a Truck Stop for over 30 Years & is well known in the area. With easy access on the Knowsley Industrial Estate, just minutes away from the M57, M58 & East Lancs, we are ideally situated for our Local Account Customers.

A Fuel Card can work out considerably cheaper than buying Fuel on the Petrol Station Forecourt. In addition, each litre is accounted for and prices are fixed on a weekly basis.

Call us on 0151 548 3038 & take out a Standard Fuel Card Today 

A Fuel Card are ideal as you can receive a weekly or even monthly invoice. No more lost receipts. No more VAT receipts. Just one simple invoice with the monthly drawings & one VAT receipt.

In addition, you can receive as much or as little information on a weekly statement from when your drivers filled-up such as: Registration Number, Drivers Name, Mileage etc. This can be tailored to your individual requirements.