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Domestic Heating Oil

Here are Standard Fuel Oils we understand the importance of providing not only high quality domestic fuel oils but having a reliable easy to order delivery service. Customer service and satisfaction is paramount here and we pride ourselves is delivering the best possible service from start to finish all at the best possible prices.

We are proud to be working with Sensor Systems who also produce Titan and Kingspan Tanks and can now offer you an automatic Top Up system. Using a SignalMan device which is installed to the top of your tank or truck, we will receive daily signals about how much domestic fuel oil your device is using which means we can provide you with our great service without you ever having to worry about running out of oil. We will automatically book you a delivery and you can sit back and relax in the knowing that Standard Fuel Oils really do have you covered.

If you prefer to be in control of your domestic fuel oil deliveries also offer a WatchMan device. This ingenious device plugs quite simply into any household electric socket and provides you with an accurate reading as to how much domestic fuel oil is using by showing you the live levels on your tank and giving you plenty of opportunity to order your next delivery.

Standard Fuel Oils also offer a same or next day delivery service. Simply call 0151 5483038 and we will arrange a delivery for your domestic fuel oil as soon as we possibly can.