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Commercial Fuel Oil

North West Commercial Fuel Suppliers – Standard Fuel Oils

Here at Standard fuel oil we are fully aware of how important it is for our Commercial customers to keep their fleet on the move. Whether it be Road Diesel delivered by our company owned fleet direct to your site, Fuel Cards so you can Bunker out of our own site or even Red Diesel for your stackers – We’ve got it covered for you and your business needs.

If you have run-out of Oil, call us on 0151 548 3038 & we will try our best to deliver same day. We offer an Emergency Fuel Delivery Service to ensure that we can help you when you need us most.

Standard Fuel Oils don’t just supply Fuel – we supply Oils & Lubricants too! Whether it be Standard own Brand, Shell, Mobil or Texaco – we have it covered. We can supply anything from Multi-Fleet 15w40 Mineral Engine Oil to Fuel Saving 5w30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oils – as well as all of your Axle, Gear & Transmission Oils. Call now for live competitive prices. CleanAirBlue AdBlue is now available too. Trucks from 2009 onwards had optional AdBlue systems, but from 2013 AdBlue is compulsory.