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Different uses of commercial oils

Different uses of commercial oils

There are numerous different types of fuel oils that can be used in a commercial setting, and there are also many different uses of commercial oils – many of which you may have already heard of, without realising that the substances are in fact fuel oils. Many will use fuel oils in their every day lives.

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Gas oil

Gas oil, or red diesel, is a commercial oil that is usually chosen by companies and businesses for heating or to generate power, by burning them and using the energy generated. Gas oil can also be used for non-road vehicles used in construction and agriculture. Examples of these vehicles are cranes, bulldozers, bobcats, tractors and combine harvesters. Different uses of the commercial oil are generators which power travelling fairs and carnivals, or the aviation industry, to power jet engines – though these are usually powered by kerosene. These different uses of commercial oils are all still very valid today.







Diesel is another commercial oil that is used by many to fuel their vehicles for day-to-day travel. Some different uses of commercial oils are the different tanks present in these vehicles – diesel fuel offers a wide range of performance, efficiency and safety features, and is used in trucks, trains, boats and barges to transport all kinds of commerce to all kinds of companies. Without diesel, many companies would cease to exist. It can also be used on a larger scale for transport companies that offer logistics services.



Kerosene is often refined to improve the quality and burning characteristics. Some different uses of commercial oils like kerosene have become obsolete due to advancements in technology, but plenty of other uses still exist to this day. It is recommended for use for domestic heating appliances with external and balanced flues, vapourising flame burners and pressure jet boilers. For many people these oils are the best choice for commercial use due to the fact that they maintain a high heat output and maximum economy. Traditionally, kerosene was used for lamps and lighting appliances – these have since become redundant for domestic use, however campers and people living in rural areas still opt to use kerosene due to it’s effective lighting characteristics and it’s ease of transportation. It is great for use in emergency lighting – many families still stock emergency kerosene lamps in case of bad weather conditions and power cuts.